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"We truly enjoyed this movie in many ways but the best part of the film for us was the reality of the walk to the electric chair and the execution itself. Never quite seen anything like this in a movie before. The execution look so real that I'm not sure if we were watching a movie or live execution. We have completely changed our opinion about our stand on the capital punishment issue. Before the movie we were 100% for it and now I must admit we are against it. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to see this wonderful picture. "

Sandy and Philip

"I'm sure this film is going to upset some folks but I loved it. It's creepy in one respect and educational in the other. Hard line death penalty opponents without any vision will no doubt dislike this movie but if you think a bit outside the box and understand that you are sitting front and center at a man's execution, then you will appreciate what this movie is all about. My suggestion: don't think too much and just enjoy this psychological thriller. "


" Well, no one deserves death before the old age. May be life time prison can be the best punishment for those fuckin doods."


"Their are certain crimes for which the only option is to enter the ultimate punishment of death...Unfortunately,this usually only includes murder,but their are many other crimes for which this ultimate punishment needs to be served...Like sexual crimes against children or for habitual offenders who refuse to change....Alot of people call me a hypocrite,being a carreer criminal myself...I have been to prison thirteen times,just in Illinois aloe....None of my crimes are violent or sexual,but i am no hypocrite...If i was given a choice the next time i face a judge in this state,even though my crimes are considered petty,I wish i could ask for the death penalty,specifically by electrocution....I am never going to change,and it is only a matter of time before one of my scams goes south and someone will probably end up dead at my hand....Why not end my destruction now and spare who might eventually become my victim....I have no intention on ever changing,i'm a criminal,and i always will be....I feel sorry for whoever gets in my way,like i said it's only a matter of time before i end up hurting or killing some innocent person who tried to fight back and not give me their money...This eventual senseless murder could be avoided if carrer criminals like me where put to death...We serve no purpose other than to lie,cheat,steal or whatever usually in the name of drugs like crack and heroin....This country needs to wake up and start executing people like me that are carrer criminals and refuse to change...Some people just dont deserve any more chances.... "

John P. Stoessel

" really want to know the nature of the penalty, to see a real penalty and human behavior at the same time."


"Amazing film that has me questioning everything I've ever believed in capital punishment. Powerful drama unlike any film I've ever seen. Not for anyone who doesn't want to sit front and center at a man's execution. "

Daniel Gomez

"I was apprehensive to "enter the death chamber" but like a curious little kid, I could not help myself. I've always been intrigued by the whole process of legally executing someone but I must admit I was afraid to see it for myself. Wow...what a unique film this is and what an amazing performance by William Neal Moore. Amazing movie! Unlike any movie I've ever seen before. I recommend that you watch this movie before you make up your mind one way or the other about the death penalty. The final 30 minutes of this movie had my heart pounding out of my chest. I'll never forget it. "

Jean W.

" OMG what a powerful film. Please let me know when it will hit theaters. Thank you! "

Sally Johnson

"The password to see the movie is provided once you submit your payment to watch the film. If anyone has any problem accessing the film please email stevenscaffidi@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has supported this fantastic film that will forever change the way people view the death penalty in America! "

ghost rider

" Amazing film! "

Jackie W.
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