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"My wife and I watched the movie online last night and truly enjoyed it. I couldn't sleep as I was thinking about the execution process and the final moments of the electric chair execution. What I enjoyed the most was the way the film portrayed the final days of a condemned man's life on death row and especially his final day. The real-time final scene of the film was most memorable since I've never seen an execution in a movie shot like this. Amazing what happens behind the wall of America's execution chambers. I highly recommend this film to others. "

Connor Jacks

" Friends,

This Halloween weekend you can view my controversial film EXECUTION like never before with unreleased footage and special bonus clips that very few people have ever seen. When we first released the film it screened to over 750 people at Tulane University then went on to screen by invitation to major colleges across America and the UK including UCLA, Oregon, North Carolina, Cambridge, Sussex and King's College of London.

Following the university screenings the film played coast to coast in Regal Cinemas located in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and many more. Now you can see the film like never before!

Due to the intense content of the story, "Execution" is not recommended for viewers under the age of 17. I hope you enjoy this extraordinary film and please share this email with your friends. Thank you!


Ghost Rider

" My husband and I really were moved by this extraordinary indie film. Friends of ours saw the movie at a screening in Los Angeles and told us about it. I can only imagine how much of an impact the movie would have on the big screen. Totally original and powerful is the best way I can describe this movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the death penalty. "

Sally & Jon Jummerville

"Love the movie because it's unique and make you really think. The unique style and multiple story lines were interesting. Hope you guys bring the movie back to LA. Sorry I missed the screening when you were in town since it would be even better on the big screen. Indie films like this one rock! "


"Hi. Just watched the movie on New Years Eve with my friend and we are both in awe of this film. I've never seen anything like it. Thank you for bringing this movie to the world and God bless you for your efforts. I hope to see more great stories like this one coming from Ghost Rider. Thank you and God bless. Happy New Year! "

Jennifer G.

"We live in Montreal and heard about this film from some friends who saw it in NYC a while back. They told me that the film was a physiological thriller but I'm confused because I assume that the execution scene at the end of the film is real. What I'm saying is that the scene looks like it was shot in real time with a hidden camera on the guard. Then there was another hidden camera in the execution chamber. I'm not sure what to think but the film as extremely compelling. Never seen a movie like this one. I've read that some say it's a movie and others say it's real. I watched the clips at all the top universities in America and the UK and I'm still not sure what to think. Can anyone please tell me the "real story" behind this movie. I need to know! "


"It was a great experience to watch the movie online. Love the process of "entering the death chamber" too. First clicked on "more info" rather then entering the death chamber. It felt so real to sit on the front row too. Can't sleep! Would love to see the film in on a big screen in the movie theater. Please let us know if the film will be coming to the Chicago area. "

Frank & Sandra W.

"One of the most original movies I've ever seen. I just saw the film online and it was intense. I can only imagine what it looks like on a big screen in a movie theatre. Not sure what all the controversy is about this movie. It's a MOVIE!!! Get over it!!! I loved it! "


"Crazy good film man! "


"why do movies always show the electrocuted prisoner shaking, twitching, and convulsing? according to everything I've read, the only movement is in the hands (they usually ball up or grasp the chair) or, depending on how much slack is in the straps, they may jerk forward or backward right as the button is pressed.
I would guess that if electrocutions involved as much "violence" as seen in this movie, then all witnesses would have been permanently traumatized, and "the chair" would have never ended up replacing "the noose". "

Der Drache
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